Lots of Fun in Füssen


Are you living the good life?

Here’s one way to tell, ask yourself: “In this moment, am I riding a luge, the sun warm on my face, the smell of wildflowers in my nose, surrounded by picturesque, green pastures wherein, feet away, a herd of cows munches away, their big, cowbells ringing rhythmically into the air?”

If you answered “yes!” then you must be where I was just outside of Füssen, Germany, racing down a polished luge track.  

Where I’m from in Colorado, these luges are not foreign to me. The setting of this one in Füssen, however, was idyllic. It was one of those times in life where, all of the sudden, everything around you become very real - in a good way - and you have to stop and smile, or even laugh, at the ridiculousness of it all, how perfect, charming, quaint, and novel the experience is. 

It was one of those moments where the stars aligns, and an abundance of good but simple things experienced all at once swells joy up inside you. It doesn’t last forever and is nothing you can be certain on finding or planning for, but if your lucky, and your travels are good to you, you’ll know the feeling. You’ll find the feeling. Luge or not.