We learn so much when we travel. About ourselves, and the world.

And along the way, we have found some amazing resources to help ensure the best trip possible. Whether you are looking for inspiration on where to go on your next trip, learning essential phrases in a new language, trying to find more blogs and books, and more, we hope you find this page helpful!

Our 2018 tour group in France

Our 2018 tour group in France

Rick steves’ Europe

When we traveled to Europe for the first time, we felt lost. The resources on Rick Steves’ website helped us immensely, especially his travel videos. We are also a huge fan of his guided tours, and his overall philosophy. I wrote about why we travel the “Rick Steves way” in this post.


learn a new language with duolingo

Duolingo is an app for your smartphone that helps you learn new languages. Set up like a game with cute illustrations, this app teaches you vocabulary, grammar rules, and helpful phrases while you’re having fun! It’d be great for the whole family. I sometimes compete with my friends to see who can get the most “points.” I’ve used their French, German, and Italian packages, but I think I’ll try my hand at High Valyrian next (it’s actually on there, haha; no news as to when they’ll add a Dothraki package… and sorry to all the non-Game of Thrones fans for whom this joke went right over your heads :))


culinary tours in italy

Elizabeth Minchilli is an American food writer living in Italy, and is overall a fantastic resource for traveling in Italy. She has a wonderful blog, she has written several books (I can’t wait to check out her most recent book, The Italian Table), her Instagram account is super inspiring, and she leads culinary tours throughout Italy with her daughter, Sophie! These tours are at the top of my “Dream List.” In the meantime, I follow her Instagram Stories everyday for the windows into everyday life in Rome.

Photo by Siobhan Watts

Photo by Siobhan Watts

a photo session in london

A fun and unique activity to consider while traveling in Europe is a photography session with your friends, partner, or family. It’s a great way to commemorate the trip, and meet entrepreneurial, talented creatives who are working around the world. Spencer and I chose to celebrate our 15th anniversary with a trip to Europe, and wanted to document our special moment with a photography session in one of our favorite cities - London. We worked with Siobhan Watts, who is a truly exceptional photographer. She specializes in family photography. I wrote all about our experience working with Siobhan in this post. Also, check out the post she wrote on her journal about our couple’s session.