Hello, my name is Anne Taylor.

I am a doctoral student at Yale University with a passion for travel.

In 2010, I started a blog called ‘Anne the Adventurer’ upon graduating from university. For five years, I wrote about finding adventure in everyday life with posts about home design, marriage, and health. During ATA's tenure as a popular lifestyle blog, it was a well-respected hub for authentic conversation and inspirational storytelling. Ironically, though it included the word ‘adventure’ in the title, Anne the Adventurer rarely featured posts about travel; until 2015, I had never left North America!

Fast-forward to 2015: as I prepared for graduate studies, I made the difficult choice to shut Anne the Adventurer down. With an impending leap into a doctoral program at an Ivy League university, it felt like a natural end to a project that had brought me significant professional growth and great friends, but was not holistically integrated into my new academic pursuits.

Since then, my husband Spencer and I have continued our adventures. In addition to moving from our home state of Colorado to New Haven, Connecticut so I could start my PhD in Sociology at Yale University, we have made trips every year to Europe as a part of our ever-growing passion for traveling together. And though I no longer blogged, from our first step out of the Tube station in London in 2015, to our most recent trip to the Alps a few months ago, travel in Europe has always carried with it the same intention I wove into every post on Anne the Adventurer - a desire to live with mindfulness, meaning, and the courage to try new things - even if they scared me!

So now, four years after shutting ATA down, I feel an itch to write again, and re-launch the site that was my constant companion for years - this time about with a specific focus on travel!

While on the road in Europe, guidebook, camera and journal in hand, I feel so connected to myself and my love for history, culture, learning, and teaching. And I want to share that with all of you!

This site will include both daily journal entries, written mainly by me (but every once and awhile featuring Spencer :), and curated guides to our favorites cities. We also travel with Rick Steves Europe on their guided trips as often as we can, so you will notice a significant Rick Steves presence on this site! There is even a specific section of this site devoted entirely to our experiences on Rick Steves tours.

I hope this blog inspires you to explore new places. Feel free to leave a comment or follow me on Instagram!

Photography on this page by Siobhan Watts

(We did a photoshoot with Siobhan in London in 2018 to celebrate our 15th anniversary, just before we went on a Rick Steves My Way Alpine Europe Tour. She is based just outside of London, and we highly recommend her!)